Our Careers

At "Simon and Sons" we believe in smart working. We know the work day at "Simon and Sons" is only a piece in the overall lives of our employees — we all are running behind our careers, personal commitments, social commitments, family and friends. We know your plate is full and we believe you will find working at "Simon and Sons" will lead to a fun, rewarding career—sharing in the goal of developing our business.

At "Simon and Sons", we believe that as individuals, we each bring a unique perspective and fresh thoughts. Working together, we are proud to say that our employees are the biggest reason to achieve success for "Simon and Sons".

If you would like to join the "Simon and Sons" family, then please go-ahead and send your profile to hr@simonnsons.com and when the right opportunity arises and if you are the right fit, then rest assured that you will be getting a call from our HR team.